Making and Social Change

We are a city of Makers.  At least, that is what Dale Dougherty thinks.

“All of us are makers. We are born makers. Our brain is wired for making. It’s what we do. We are all makers and there are all kinds of makers.”

Listen to his talk from TEDxMotorCity:

It is incredible to think of our rich history of making, and the seemingly unlimited potential that making has to create social change.

Think about the work that is being done by Wello, who is using design to improve access to water in India.  These efforts not only help to make carrying large amounts of water easier and reduce the wear and tear on the body, they help to ensure that water is stored in a way that is safe and reduces the likelihood of illness and also eases the frequency of these trips by women, freeing their time for other things (like education).

But you don’t need to go abroad to see the potential impact of design on society.  Just check out this story about a CCS student who developed an inexpensive jacket that can double as a sleeping bag for the city’s homeless population.  I’ve heard that Cass Community Social Services is already working on producing and distributing these jackets to their clients.

So what opportunities do you see in making?


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